2018 Cheer Choice Awards V2

Hey Austars

Its been an amazing event with an astounding 31,000 votes, a large increase from last year.
The ACC team would like to thank everyone who has participated and congratulations to all the nominees.

We cannot wait for next year, in September we will be making a few changes to categories and will be asking for your opinion so stay tuned.

Ok Austars, here we go…

and the 2018 Cheer Choice Awards go to…


Favourite Cheerleader

Caitlyn Daunt, Cheer FX, QLD

Favourite Cheerleading Routine/Team

Revolution, IOSC5, S2S All Stars, NSW

Favourite Cheerleading Coach

Miranda Offield, Cheer FX, QLD

Favourite Cheer and Dance Gym

EOD All Stars, NSW

Favourite Cheer and Dance Merchandise Company

Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation

Favourite Cheer and Dance Event Company

Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation

Favourite Cheerleading Shoe Brand


Favourite Stunt Sequence

Kelly Girls, Outlaws All Stars, VIC

Favourite Cheerleading Dance Sequence

Ladybirds, ECA, NSW

Favourite Pyramid Sequence

Revolution, S2S All Stars, NSW

Favourite Tumble Pass

Jackson Corkett, Eagles, ECA, NSW

Favourite 2017 New Uniform

S2S All Stars, NSW

Favourite Special Ability Team

Lithium, Oxygen All Stars, NSW

Favourite Assistant Coach

Bianca Sinclair, Cheer FX, QLD


Favourite Dancer

Hayley Croese. The Empire. NSW

Favourite Dance Team/Routine

Envy, Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA

Favourite Dance Studio

Ultimate Dance Centre, QLD

Favourite Dance Coach

Sarah Conlon, The Empire, NSW

Favourite Trick Section

Rebels, The Empire, NSW

Favourite Dance Costume

Rockstars, Ultimate Dance Centre, QLD

Favourite Costume Brand/Company

Studio 7 Dancewear


Congratulations to all the winners!


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