2018 Cheer Choice Awards V2

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ACC is so excited for the 4th annual Cheer Choice Awards!

The Cheer Choice Awards (CCA’s) hosted by Aussie Cheer Channel is an event that recognises the talented athletes, Coaches and Gyms of Australia, the concept is designed to celebrate the 2017 season achievements in Cheer and Dance. We are dedicated to providing fans with a platform to express their opinions.

Last year the event had 18 categories, 12 in Cheer and 6 in Dance, and in September the public voted two new categories for cheer and one for dance, again this year after the awards the public will be able to vote for new ones.

Each year these awards have been growing and we know this year will be bigger and better than ever, and you can help, get sharing and get the Cheer Choice Awards out there, the more nominations and votes the better the chance for your favourite to win!

Nominations: 6th April – 20th April 8pm (AEST)

after the nominations the top 5 of each category (in no particular order) will be listed in the polls, and the nominee with the most votes will win.

Polls: 21st April – 28th April 8pm (AEST)



  1. Favourite Cheerleader (Any Age)
  2. Favourite Cheerleading Routine/Team
  3. Favourite Cheerleading Coach
  4. Favourite Cheer and Dance Gym
  5. Favourite Cheer and Dance Merchandise Company
  6. Favourite Cheer and Dance Event Company
  7. Favourite Cheerleading Shoe Brand
  8. Favourite Stunt Sequence (by a Team does not include Stunt Groups)
  9. Favourite Cheerleading Dance Sequence
  10. Favourite Pyramid Sequence
  11. Favourite Tumble Pass (By an Individual in a team routine, does not include Solos)
  12. Favourite 2017 New Uniform
  13. Favourite Special Ability Team
  14. Favourite Assistant Coach


For any nominations to this category, the programs need to have competed at an Australian Cheer and Dance competition in 2016

  1. Favourite Dancer (Any Age)
  2. Favourite Dance Team/Routine (Does not include Solos, Duos etc. only team routines 4+)
  3. Favourite Dance Studio
  4. Favourite Dance Coach
  5. Favourite Trick Section
  6. Favourite Dance Costume
  7. Favourite Costume Brand/Company


Here are the details you must add in order for the nominations to be counted, NO EXCEPTIONS

These awards are for Australian Cheer and Dance Programs. Programs only in Dance need to have competed at an Australian Cheer and Dance competition in 2016

To Enter Individuals:

To nominate an individual please list these five items:First and Last Name, Gym, State (Must be an Australian Resident, International Coaches/Athletes are not accepted)

*Example : Laura Smith, Australian All Stars, WA

To Enter Teams:

To nominate a team please list these three items: Team Name, Age Division, Level, Gym, State

*Example Cheer: Southern Stars, Junior Level 3, Australian All Stars, WA
*Example Dance: J Queens, Open Jazz, Stepz Dance Studio, VIC

If you want your nomination to be counted please follow our guidelines and enter as stated above.

Ok lets get started, its time to nominate, click the link below!!


We’ve also listed last years winners, we’re so excited to see who will be nominated this year!!


1. Favourite Cheerleader

Gemma Williams, East Coast All Stars, NSW

2. Favourite Cheerleading Routine/Team

Dreamgirls, Open AG 6, Dream Tyme All Stars, VIC

3. Favourite Cheerleading Coach

Jodie Anthony, S2S All Stars, NSW

4. Favourite Cheer and Dance Gym

S2S All Stars, NSW

5. Favourite Cheer and Dance Merchandise Company

Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation

6. Favourite Stunt Sequence

Diamonds, Open AG 5, Queensland Cheer Elite, QLD

7. Favourite Cheerleading Dance Sequence

Ladybirds, Open AG 5, East Coast All Stars, NSW

8. Favourite Pyramid Sequence

Notorious, Open COED 5, Outlaws All Stars, VIC

9. Favourite Tumble Pass

Jackson Corkett, East Coast All Stars, NSW

10. Favourite 2016 New Uniform

S2S All Stars, NSW

11. Favourite Special Ability Team

Lithium, Oxygen All Stars, NSW

12. Favourite Assistant Coach

Khianni Williams, East Coast Allstars, NSW


1. Favourite Dancer

Jasmine Banks, Cheertastic, QLD

2. Favourite Dance Team/Routine

Youth Elite, EOD All Stars, NSW

3. Favourite Dance Studio

Cheertastic, QLD

4. Favourite Dance Coach

Maddy Parker, Cheer FX, QLD

5. Favourite Trick Section

Rockstars, Cheertastic, QLD

6. Favourite Dance Costume

Rockstars, Cheertastic, QLD


*Any examples used in this article are for those purposes only, if any happened to relate to a real person or place it is purely coincidental.

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