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Get your Toe Touches looking pro with these few tips that will improve your technique and power. Most of these skills can be done at home and only take a few minutes.

1. Stretch and over stretch.

Stretching regularly is very important, as is over stretching. Just by doing 10-15mins of stretching a day will make a huge difference to your jumps. By working your hamstrings and holding straddle sits and pancakes, your flexibility will improve greatly. By getting someone to gently push you down in stretches will make sure your muscles never get comfortable with their current stage of flexibility. Remember only push yourself till your muscles feel uncomfortable, you don’t want cause any damage. Stretching should be constant so make sure you keep it up otherwise in a few weeks you see your flexibility starting to degrade.

2. Strengthen your core.

Good core strength allows you to have the ability to roll those hits up and get those feet high and fast. Some good ways to improve core strength for Toe Touches are;

  • Straddle v-snaps
  • Straddle Leg raises on wall bars

3. Use resistance to develop speed in movements.

There are a few coaching tools out there that help develop Toe Touches, and mostly they consist of a couple ankle straps and resistance tubing. These tools provide resistance when trying to raise your legs when hitting your Toe Touch . Ultimately, this will strengthen your legs and continually develop fast twitch muscle fibres to really get that snap at the top of your straddle. If you have access to a local gym, working your inner thighs and quads with light weight resistance will also be beneficial.

4. Work those legs.

Power in your legs is a must to get good height in your jumps. The more height you can obtain the more time you have to get those feet up and back together to land perfectly. Here are some exercises to increase leg power.

  • Long jump squats
  • Tuck jumps on crash mat
  • Burpies
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Box Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers

5. Hit that set consistently.

For a jump to be perfect it means that it must be great from start to finish. A good solid set not only makes your jumps look professional but will give you extra drive to get more height. Strong, sharp motions will give you the best results, therefore it’s important to practice not only individually but as a team. This will make sure all athletes arms positions are the same and have identical timing. By doing good motion drills that hit High V’s frequently, you will build arm strength and ensure consistency in your movements. Practice makes perfect and by getting a good solid set you are on your way to having great jumps.

The thing with Toe Touch’s, as with all jumps, it requires your whole body to work together. This means your jump is only as good as your weakest attribute. It’s important to work all these areas, so each one is as good as the other. If you find you have great power and lack flexibility perhaps spend more time stretching to balance things out.

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