Welcome to Aussie Cheer Channel (ACC)

ACC is a website for Australian Cheerleaders, Cheer Gym Owners and Coaches. It is a social media website with articles and news updates. A forum for cheerleaders to discuss skills, music, the industry and gossip, and media galleries to post videos and pictures of skills, events, and competitions.

What We Aim To Do

Our focus is to be the hub for Australian Cheerleading and bring the Cheer community together. We aim to provide a safe outlet for Australian Cheerleaders to meet and socialise with each other, be a great source of information with articles and up to date news, and a place to help find all their Cheer merchandise needs. Our mission is to see cheerleaders from different clubs talk, connect and create bonds through this amazing sport.

Meet The Team

Sonny started cheerleading as a foreign exchange student in the USA at High School. When he moved to Brisbane he joined a QUT university cheer team and three years later it became Queensland Cheer Elite, he spent 6 years with them and won 4 AASCF National Championships. He now MC’s for competition companies around the country and choreographs for teams in Australia.

On the 13th of July 2013 he started an Instagram page (Aussie Cheer Channel) in hope to change and inspire the new generation of Cheerleaders. Sonny also wanted to support the smaller gyms so every cheerleader the opportunity to feel special. He really wanted ACC to grow into a website so Sonny teamed up with his friend Nick, to bring ACC to life.

Nick began his cheerleading career in 2001 while competing at a national level for sport acrobatics and power tumbling. After retiring from other gym sports he focused on cheer and competed with Acrobatic Fanatics and then became one of the founding members of The Brisbane Tigers in 2006. Competing level 5 for 6 years, Nick has competed internationally and won titles throughout Australia, America and New Zealand. Nick competed with The Tigers until their disbandment in 2012 and now coaches tumbling throughout Brisbane.

Nick is a web developer by trade and was approached by Sonny to form a partnership and create the Aussie Cheer Channel website. After months of hard work and programming ACC was brought to life.

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