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Today we launch the inaugural event of the Aussie Cheer Channel 2015 Cheer Choice Awards!

The Cheer Choice Awards is an event that recognises the talented athletes, Coaches and Gyms of Australia
The concept is designed to celebrate the year’s (2014) achievements in Cheer and Dance, we hope to eventually turn this idea into a real red carpet event for Athletes to attend.
We have chosen the starting categories, next year the public will be able to vote for new ones.
All the nominees and winners of each category will be chosen by you with the winners receiving trophies!

Nominations: 8th Feb – 21st Feb 6pm AEST

Polls: 22nd Feb – 1st Mar 6pm AEST


Here are the details you must add in order for the nominations to be counted, NO EXCEPTIONS
These awards are for Australian Cheer and Dance Programs. Programs only in Dance need to have competed at an Australia Cheer and Dance competition in 2014


First and Last Name, Age, Gym, State (Must be an Australian, International Coaches are not accepted this year)


Team Name, Age Division, Gym, State



  1. Favourite Cheerleader (Any Age)
  2. Favourite Cheerleading Team
  3. Favourite Cheerleading Coach
  4. Favourite Cheer and Dance Gym
  5. Favourite Cheerleading Music Mix
  6. Favourite Stunt Sequence (by a Team does not include Stunt Groups)
  7. Favourite Cheerleading Dance Sequence
  8. Favourite Pyramid Sequence
  9. Favourite Tumble Pass (By an Individual in a team routine, does not include Solos)
  10. Favourite 2014 New Uniform


For any nominations to this category, the programs need to have competed at an Australian Cheer and Dance competition in 2014

  1. Favourite Dancer (Any Age)
  2. Favourite Dance Team
  3. Favourite Dance Routine (Does not include Solos, Duos etc. only team routines 4+)
  4. Favourite Dance Coach
  5. Favourite Turn Sequence


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