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The Cheer Choice Awards, is dedicated to providing fans with a platform to express their opinions.
Cheer Choice Awards celebrates fan favourites in Australian Cheer and Dance and is the only awards where real people – not industry insiders – determine the nominees and winners.

The first Awards this year was so successful we are looking forward to next years so much we had to keep the ball rolling.
As the 2015 competition begins here in Australia we are looking forward to seeing new faces, new routines and seeing the bar rise in standard of our industry

Today we begin the first part of the Awards, the nominations of next years categories chosen by you, the public.
2 new categories will be chosen for Cheerleading
1 new category will be chosen for Dance



  1. Favourite Cheerleader (Any Age)
  2. Favourite Cheerleading Routine/Team
  3. Favourite Cheerleading Coach
  4. Favourite Cheer and Dance Gym
  5. Favourite Cheer and Dance Merchandise Company
  6. Favourite Stunt Sequence (by a Team does not include Stunt Groups)
  7. Favourite Cheerleading Dance Sequence
  8. Favourite Pyramid Sequence
  9. Favourite Tumble Pass (By an Individual in a team routine, does not include Solos)
  10. Favourite 2016 New Uniform


For any nominations to this category, the programs need to have competed at an Australian Cheer and Dance competition in 2015

  1. Favourite Dancer (Any Age)
  2. Favourite Dance Team/Routine (Does not include Solos, Duos etc. only team routines 4+)
  3. Favourite Dance Studio
  4. Favourite Dance Coach
  5. Favourite Trick Section


Here are the details you must add in order for the nominations to be counted, NO EXCEPTIONS

In Cheer or Dance, you must enter ‘Favourite’ – and the category you nominate

Example: Favourite Event Provider

similar nominations that will still count as the same one category

EP (Event Provider)
Event Provider
Competition Company


Nominations will begin from 17th September – 10th July 8pm AEST

The top Six nominations will be chosen my popular vote in the Cheer category
The top Four nominations will be chosen by popular vote in the Dance category

The award with the highest votes in dance will be chosen while the two highest votes will be the awards in Cheer

To nominate a new category click the link below to enter


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