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Hey Austars

Its February and we’re celebrating our annual list of our favourite things! Think it as our Valentines Day wish list.
Although we were many items that we hot but we feel this a wide selection of items we know you will love, make up, accessories, bags, tops everything we believe are must haves for 2018
These items just might be the gifts you receive for Valentines Day, if not why not just give them this list and say ‘…anything from here please.’ Now don’t worry guys we managed to find a nice item for you too.

So what are you waiting for check it out and see what made our list, then scroll down further for a short description and where you can get them!

ACC Favourtie Things 2018

  • Stage Fit Palette – Natural Brown – Pretty Girl Cosmetics $ 28 USD*

Seems like Pretty Girl Cosmetics seems to know exactly what you need all in one, and its not the only palette they offer. It covers everything except your foundation, go check em out!

Revolution Crop Top – Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation $ 45 AU

This is a really nice crop top and the back has a really cool design. simple but cool.

  • Unicorn Horn Cheer Bow – Switch Up Essentials $25 AU

This company never fails to impress, they have high quality products and who doesn’t love a unicorn!

  • Baby Dream Bag – Rebel Athletic Dream Bag $89 USD*

These glitter bags are all the rage and the rose gold is gorgeous, they’ve definitely spent their time thinking about the customer coming in a range of colours with a built in shoe holder, lots of pockets to put everything you need for cheer practice and competitions.

  • Custom Luggage – Distinctive Luggage $175 AU

When you travel for competitions what wouldn’t make you stand out from the crowd but custom luggage. We would know since all our staff strut there stuff in the ACC custom luggage!

  • Sharing The Love – Book No.9 – Cheer Chick Charlie $12.95 AU

We’ve always been a huge fan of the Cheer Chick Charlie range, we always look forward to new adventures from our Australian Cheerleader! check out the newest edition “Sharing The Love”!

  • Ascend Cheer Shoe – Varsity $145 AU

The newest lightest cheer shoes in the industry, first worn by team USA at Worlds 2017.

  • 5678 Singlet – limitless Republic $35 AU

We know its hard to find gear for the boys, but this new company certainly have some great stuff you need to check out!

Did your favourite item make our list? Let us know what you think and it just might make the list next year!

*USD – United States Dollar

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