Are You Wanting To Advertise Your Business On ACC?

Aussie Cheer Channel offers advertising which is billed at a monthly rate. We aim to provide affordable advertising space to help benefit everyone involved in the cheerleading industry. Because of the variety of spaces we have on offer it is best to contact us for a pricing list.

Things To Know

  • Ad spaces can only be purchased up to a maximum of 6 months in advance. This is to allow for other companies to have their turn.
  • Ads must be of a certain quality before they can be displayed on the ACC website.
  • If you do not have a ad created, We can recommend a designer who can create one for you at a small charge.
  • Ad clicks are not tracked but you can get stats through viewing referring traffic, if you have a Google analytics enabled site.
  • Contact ACC admin at for pricing list and design guidelines.

Aussie Cheer Channel is completely independent therefore we do not favor companies in regards to ad space. It is free game for everyone, provided there is advertising space available.

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