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As competition time draws ever so close, I wanted to talk about a key principle I try to teach every athlete and coach I get to work with. To me is one of the most important concepts to create success on an individual and team level is a “Championship Attitude”.

A championship attitude to me is defined as a person who has a desire and drive to achieve there max potential, someone who is confident but not cocky in their own and teams ability to achieve. Someone who every time they enter a competition does so to win not just to take part, Some who feels that 100% is not enough and goes above and beyond to betters ones self.

So how does one gain a Championship Attitude?

It all starts with creating a drive and desire to be the very best you can be. A lot of times things like Mental Blocks, Low self belief and even coaches can have a negative effect on developing this drive and desire. Mental Blocks often lead to athletes having little to no belief in themselves which can be very frustrating for all the parties involved. Once an athlete has developed a system to mange his/hers mental blocks their confidence level will grow and the level of drive and desire they have will increase. Coaches play a big part in an athlete’s ability to create a championship attitude. Society has become afraid of failure and especially adults don’t want to let their children fail, for some reason is looked upon as a negative experience instead of looking at it as a learning experience. As a coach, teach your athletes about failure and how it is a learning opportunity and a chance for them to develop an understanding of what areas of their routine needs more work. If you get your athletes focusing on the goal of ‘competing to win’ their drive and desire to be the best they can be will increase.

The line between confidence and being cocky is very thin, But if you can build confidence in yourself and the teams ability to be successful your success rate will start to increase. You can watch many of the top teams i.e. Top gun,California,Georgia,Cheer extreme,Stingray etc and see them compete with a level of total confidence in their abilities and often it’s that confidence that can be the difference between them and the team that comes 2nd. Being cocky and bragging about your ability puts a negative persona on you and your team, especially in a competition scenario. If you find yourself talking about the skills you can do more than actually performing them perhaps you need to re-think your championship attitude. A person with a true championship attitude who is confident will never waste his/her time worry about their opponent instead will use that time to focus on bettering themselves.

The word champion is reserved for the people who have gone above and beyond the work that was set down for them. For you to be able to claim you have a championship attitude you have to be willing to invest more than 100% of yourself into every task. You need to understand that there will be times at training or at competition that you start to feel so tired that you want to give up but instead dig deep and push yourself, find that thing that motivates you to keep going and use it to help you go further. Once you have mastered this you then have the right to say you have a championship attitude.

If you can develop yourself a Championship Attitude your cheer season will be a great one.

This article was provided by Daniel Dunn from Next Level Cheer. Next Level Cheer offers a wide variety of skill clinics and choreography services for more information please email

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