Cheerleader Competition Kit

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We put together a small list of must haves for a competition so you are ready for anything!

Cheerleader Survival Kit

Heres the list of our Top 10 Things to have at a competition!


Panadol or Nurofen are great to have during a stressful competition to ease headaches, or to aid relief to any aches or pains.

Strapping Tape

Basically a cheerleaders god send, make sure you have a professional show you how to strap up first so you are at your best.

Heat/Ice Gel

Another way to ease the stress and pain in your muscles, don’t forget to wash your hands after each use you wouldn’t want it in your eyes!


We are all human and we all sweat. So keep a small bottle in your bag for a quick spritz when needed


Never have we ever not seen hairspray at competitions, we always recommend to spray outside to be considerate of others inside.

Make-up Wipes

When its all over and you want to get rid of your mask asap have them on the ready, plus your team mates will love it if you have some for them too.

Lip Balm

Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and so your lips are looking glossy and fabulous keep some of your favourite lip balm with you.

Bobby Pin

While anyone could build a huge collection of bobby pins just from a comp floor alone, its best to bring your own.

Instant Cold Packs

Although there are always Medics at competitions sometimes its best to come prepared yourself, these are great even to cool you down during a hot day at a comp.


Forget to brush your teeth while rushing to get to the comp? Lucky the judges don’t deduct for bad breath, thank goodness you packed mints to keep it fresh throughout the day!

Glucose Jelly Beans

No matter how much water and healthy food you eat sometimes its just not enough to give you the boost you need for a comp floor, these can help, have a few 20 mins before you compete.

We hope these help you out, what do you pack in your bag for a cheer competition?


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