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    I can never get enough pop out of my roundoffs which in turn let my handspring down I have the leg power just need the pop to match it. Any good ideas on how to perfect this technique?


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    Hi Madonna,
    The key to a good pop is body tension and decent shoulder strength. By shoulder strength I don’t mean what you can vertically push above your head, but shoulder shrug strength. Handstand pops are a good drill to start developing that strength.

    Also focus really hard on your corbit (I think that’s how you spell it), that’s the body position from your pop to your feet. Coming out of a round off you don’t want to bend at the hips to get your feet to the floor, this will kill power. A corbit is held in a dish position so when your feet do come to the floor your chest will be more upright and you will really be able to sit and lean into the back handspring which will make the skill longer and more powerful. In short as you pop your body moves as one in a slightly exaggerated dish.

    I hope this helps and If it’s confusing I’ll try and find a video which demonstrates the body positions :)


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    I have a problem with back handsprings and I hope someone can help me! I have finally gotten over my fear of going backwards and can now attempt to throw a back handspring, but it doesn’t look like a BHS if that makes sense. I have the motion and can stand up most of the time when I do it off an angled mini tramp onto a crash mat, and sometimes on our flat trampoline, but I keep bending my arms and don’t go back far enough. Any tips to help?? Thanks xxx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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