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    I’ve been approached before to do some mixes for high school cheerleader competitions and just blended a shitload of house and techno songs, with some hip hop acapellas over the whole thing in the time requested, usually 2:30 mins.

    BUT, I came across a National Cheerleader Association finals show on ESPN 2 today and was surprised about some of the info that was being said by the commentators, such as that before getting to the finals, there are at least 60+ competitions which must be won by each school before reaching finals.

    So….THE light bulb went up in my head (no need to insert pun or make perverted joke, cheerleader + head = funny joke any day, we all get it) and thought about the amount of mixes that are made for each team and competetion, which is a shitload for each state alone.

    For more details: app trailers

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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