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    Also a question for level 3 but 2 for now.
    Questioning legality of Toss Genie and Toss Ball to Hands/Prep.
    Toss genie is to a crossed arms position and flyer lands on like arms and Toss ball is a toss ball up just in partner.
    Please let me know what level they are as im keen to do them with my partner. <3


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    Is the stunt in the link the stunt you mean for the toss genie ?
    I have no idea about the legality of it haha but it looks so good you and Nat would hit it so well :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GXqnpUeLig


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    I believe release skills to prep level are level 3 for co-ed. You will probably want to double check the rules though.


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    If it is classed as a toss to prep it is legal, coz toss hands and toss single-prep are fully legal. i see nothing different technically about it to a normal toss hands.


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    Toss hands to chest level of any variation (incl Genie) are level 3 as it’s a release move. Level 2 must stay connected from the floor to chest i.e. walk to hands. Toss extension is level 4 :)


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    I saw that at winterfest it was amazing


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    Update on this! The toss-to Genie is legal in level 3, but if u transition with a pop to a normal hand grip or anything at chest level or above it’s counted as level 4 as it is technically a release past eye level. We got a deduction for this as we did toss Genie, pop to hands (at chest). We instead changed it to toss Genie, then pop down to the floor with a retoss straight to hands and it was allowed. Basically if you do try this make sure her feet never pass your eye level unless she is connected somehow!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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