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ACC talks to Leanne Shea Langdown the author of Cheer Chick Charlie. Already a household name in the industry, Cheer Chick Charlie is making her way into the hearts of anyone who loves cheerleading, and teaching valuable skills for all. The books have also been featured in the Aussie Cheer Channel: Favourite Things two years in a row.

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Tell us about your company and your products:

Who is Cheer Chick Charlie?

First and foremost Charlie is a children’s book character. She is the best friend every little girl deserves. She is active, friendly, compassionate, spirited and supportive. But most of all, she inspires those around her to believe in themselves and trust their instincts and abilities.She’s the friend you wished lived next door.

If you’re looking for inspiring children’s books and merchandise with the ability to entertain and educate, then you’re in the right place. Cheer Chick Charlie™ has been created to entertain children through reading and on-line activities, as well as to help children absorb positive messages for good health, fitness, confidence and resilience.

Each book has a specific message to assist children with all areas of their life.  The ability to absorb positive messages doesn’t have to end when the book is closed.  Each book can also be purchased as a gift pack with motivational postcard and wrist band reminding children of the message as they go through their every day.

Why should people purchase your product?

Charlie is just great fun.  Kids read her for the entertainment value.  They have no idea they are absorbing positive messages in the process.  Testimonials for parents and kids suggest that Charlie has the ability to truly change a child’s life.  Kids who never read before, now read.  Children who lacked confidence or faith in their own abilities are becoming more confident in who they are.  It’s like we are giving them their own little cheerleader who sits on their shoulder to help them make decisions in life and help them believe in themselves.


What makes your product stand out?

Cheer Chick Charlie is unique.  She’s the only Aussie cheerleader to grace our bookshelves and Cheer Chick Charlie is one of only a handful of SERIES in the world about cheerleading.  She’s a very positive character who not only cheers for sport, but also cheers for the people around her.  She encourages all of us to find our inner cheerleader.

What kind of feedback have you received?

Oh wow, the feedback is incredible. I get fan mail, emails, social media messages, texts – you name it, I get it.  Coaches have bought books for their entire team because of the positive messages and encouragement in the books. Parents have contacted me telling me that their child used to dread going to school or cheer but now has the confidence to walk proudly and make new friends.  Kids have told me that Charlie is their favourite book series ever. A teacher approached me about how reading the book to her class helped them to create a new dynamic in the classroom with kids who were all cheering each other on (instead of putting each other down).  I have so many testimonials – let me know if you want to see some of them! Sometimes I actually want to give up writing the books because being a self published author is hard work, but then another fan letter arrives and I realise, I can’t give up! These kids are relying on me


Talk about some of the future plans

It is my dream to help as many children in the world as possible believe in their own power.  To this end I need to ensure my books go global.  So my focus right now is changing my distribution model. I have just signed with a new distribution company that includes international coverage.  My books are likely to go international in both print and eBook by the end of the year.  That company will also do a relaunch in Australia. We are also looking at the possibility of sending the books to Audio.

In addition to that I’ve been talking for a couple of years now with different TV production crews. We are looking at way to get Cheer Chick Charlie onto TV (whether it be web based or via a TV subscription channel).  Right now I am talking with animators in LA.  I’ll keep you posted!

How can people purchase your books?

The best way at the moment is to go directly to the online store at   Feel free to ask for an author signature in the comments section at check out 😊  They can be found in bookshops around Australia, but with the new distribution model in its infancy, there may be some gaps in the marketplace in the short term.

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Aussie Cheer Channel would like to thank Leanne for talking with us, make sure to check out the Cheer Chick Charlie books!

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