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ACC had the opportunity to talk to Corey Wood from ZSA. Based in Brisbane, Corey is known throughout Australia for his impressive tumbling ability and his determination to put his best passes on the competition floor.


Name: Corey Wood
Age: 21
Team: Southern Tigers IOC5
Gym/Club/Company: Zoo Southern All Stars
Years Cheerleading: 5 years

Fast Facts

Favourite Food: Chicken Parma and Steak
Favourite Movie: The Blind Side and A Knight’s Tale
Favourite Book: I don’t really read
Favourite Band/Artist: 3 Doors Down and Linkin Park
Favourite Tv Show: Big Bang Theory

Corey, how long have you been cheering for and how did you get involved in the sport?

I joined my high school cheer team for fun in 2010 and attended a WCC comp at the Logan Metro Centre. This is where I met Bryan Adams from Brisbane Tigers, he told me to come try out. I joined late 2010, started my cheer career and quickly fell in love with the sport. So I guess that means I have been cheering for about 5 years now.

You are known throughout the Australian cheer community for your tumbling ability. What’s your tumbling background?

Well I was doing a gymnastics assignment at my high school in 2009. When I was mucking around in class I landed my first front sault and from then on I decided that I wanted to learn how to tumble. I started watching Youtube clips and attended tricking/tumbling classes at the local PCYC. A year later I started to train with Tigers and was coached by the great gymnastics/tumble coach, Trent Lawrie, who fixed my self taught technique. After this I continued pushing myself to get new skills and still do to this day.

How often do you train and what is your training regime like?

I train 6 times a week this includes my team training, tumbling, partner stunt and the gym. I have 2 team trainings which go for 2 and a half hours each, where we warm up the skills in the routine then start doing full outs. We finish training with some conditioning and a 10 minute stretch down. I also go to the gym 3 times a week to do weights and build my strength and stamina. My last training of the week is open gym where i work on partner stunts and tumbling and try reach goals that I’ve set for myself.

What’s your greatest achievement been to date for cheer?

My greatest achievement was representing my country with Team Australia Coed at the 2013 ICU World Championships in Orlando ,Florida.

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What are some area’s you feel you still need to improve on and what skills are you currently learning?

I still need to improve on my technique in stunting and tumbling, but most of all working the flexibility of my jumps. I am currently working on running and standing double whip doubles and double doubles in tumbling and rewinds to the top, double ups and full up to cupie in partner stunting.

Where do you hope your cheerleading will take you?

I hope one day to travel to America with my partner Nicola Salter and compete with one of the top gyms over there. I also have a thirst to coach and would like to some day open my own facility which caters for young boys and girls that want to start in this sport. Cheerleading has blown up around Australia and I would like to help it grow.

What advice can you give to younger athletes who have a strong passion for cheerleading and want to progress?

The best advice I have for the younger athletes is to never give up on something you love even if it gets tough and you don’t get skills right away, keep trying and if you believe in yourself you get there one day. Then you can film it and put on youtube so that others like me can look up to you and learn how to tumble.

Everyone who knows cheerleading understands how difficult the sport can be, what were some of your struggles and how did you over come them?

I have had many coaches and I struggled understanding each different coaching technique and why they weren’t all the same. The best thing to do is to remember that you push yourself, If you find yourself not motivated, don’t blame the people around you, look at yourself and find the motivation you need to keep going. It will be worth it one day and you will look back and respect everyone who has played a part in your cheer career.

Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

Adrian Bynum (Coached me at ZA in 2012).


Aussie Cheer Channel would like to thank Corey for his time and wishes him and his team a great season.

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