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ACC had the opportunity to catch up with Edie George, A level 6 Aussie that earned her spot in Claw 6 at Cheer Athletics and walked away an NCA Champion!


Name: Edie George
Age: A Lady Never Tells
Team: Perfection
Gym/Club/Company: Pure Allstars
Years Cheerleading: 4 going into my 5th season (and 10 years of dance)

Fast Facts

Favourite Movie: Anything Disney
Favourite Book: Harry Potter
Favourite Band/Artist: Taylor Swift
Favourite Tv Show: Game of Thrones

How did you get started with Cheerleading?

I studied at RMIT and found cheer through the clubs listing. I was looking for a team sport that would make me show up and be accountable, and it seemed more fun than indoor soccer (disclaimer: I have never tried indoor soccer, it could totally be a rad time I’m missing out on). I also am terrible at catching balls. Catching humans is a bit easer- they’re bigger!

What aspects of Cheerleading do you love the most?

I adore the pursuit of team excellence. The drive from your brothers and sisters who push you to never give up, all of you together trying to make your coach/es crack a smile and admit that just maybe, you’re gonna make some dreams come true.

How has Cheerleading prepared you to be a leader outside of the gym?

There’s a life outside the gym? Ha. But really… Cheer has made me a more compassionate person, a kinder person, more understanding and one more apt to be patient with others who have a different approach or means of understanding the world. Being a coach has helped me the most, realising that everyone has off days, and everyone misdirects anger and frustration. Live through the bad days, and you will be rewarded with the best days you could ever imagine. I have some very special athletes who have taught me that, and I’m forever thankful I stood by them through the tears so I could stand with them when they triumphed.


Tell us about your experiences at Cheer Athletics How hard is the training?

The training is physically hard, but mentally exhausting. Physically, I could handle it, but mentally convincing yourself that it was possible was the real struggle. My team were amazing and really taught me how important it is to be a good teammate. When you are tired and pushing to hit the pyramid for the third time and are on the twentieth failed rep, the energy and drive you get from those on the mat with you will make it all worthwhile. My Coach Brandy was fond of reminding us : “Everybody is hurting, everybody is tired, but does anybody care? No.” The only thing that matters on the mat is the reason we are all on the mat: to succeed.

What do you love the most about Cheer athletics that you want to bring to trainings in Australia?

The unwavering positivity and belief that you are the best of the best. The confidence is infectious and it makes you a better athlete because you realise that you control the outcome, and if you can do that, then you cannot fail.

What did you learn from Cheer Athletics?

Visualise success and nothing except you hitting your stunts, nailing your tumbling, being flawless. Practice what you want to put on the comp floor and don’t settle for good enough.

Congratulations on your National Champions win at NCA this year how did that feel?

To be honest, it was total blur. Day 1 was a disaster, although I hit my stunts and didn’t even realise the chaos until we walked off the floor. Day 2 was a turning point for our entire team and really was the point in our season when we either had to give it everything, or give it up. Being a part of CA meant that it was talked about all over twitter and social media in general. We were bombarded with it, one of our flyers even made “best cheer fails” vine! It was awful, but it brought us together as a team against adversity, and as much as it was awful, it made Day 2 and everything after that a reason to never be “that team” again.
My jacket doesn’t represent a win to me, it represents a dedication to not suck, to be better, to trust, to believe in greatness. When we got back in the gym after NCA the whole attitude of the team had shifted and it was noticeable to everyone at CA. Sometimes we have to face hardships and disaster to understand the sweetness of success.

What advice can you give to Aussie cheerleaders who want to cheer in the US?

Go, and go with an open heart, clear eyes and humbleness (and a bigger bank balance than you think you will need!).

So whats next now? What are your plans now that you’re home?

I’ve come home with two really awesome opportunities, neither of which would have happened had I not dropped everything and run away to join Cheer Athletics.

Firstly, I’m beyond blessed to be working with Pure Allstars. I have always had so much respect for Tash Merzvinskis.  She has also spent a season with CA, so we both have a similar vision of what we want to implement with our coaching styles. Together, and with the rest of the amazing coaches at PA (seriously, they have some impressive credentials), we are planning to make some MAGIC happen!

Secondly, I’m proud to be the new Australian Regional Representative for Ryvl Apparel, a dedicated cheerleading apparel company that can deck you out from bow to toe in uniforms, practice wear and Nfinites. It’s particularly appealing to me because I not only get to help people look good (and lets face it, in a performance sport like cheer, looking the part is going to help you BE the part) but I also get to work with a good friend, mentor and coach from my other home in Dallas, Garrin Gosnell. Working with Garrin so far has been great. We did a brand push in Daytona at the NCA College Nationals (were several teams wearing Ryvl placed and won!) and I had the pleasure of wearing Ryvl designs on Claw6. Next step for Ryvl is setting up their offices in Dallas (I helped pick out the desks, maybe I’ll get transferred there one day, a girl can dream right?!) and launching several new design and product initiatives which we brainstormed and set out before I left America.


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