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Aussie Cheer Channel had the opportunity to talk to Ethan from the ECA (East Coast All Stars) Eagles, The International COED 5 team went to Orlando (USA) in April to compete at the Cheerleading Worlds. Ethan tells us about his trip to Worlds and his experience in Cheer.


Name: Ethan Cornhill
Age: 20
Team: Eagles
Gym/Club/Company: East Coast Allstars
Years Cheerleading: 4


Favourite Jump: Hurdlers
Favourite Stunt: Front handspring ups
Favourite Tumble Pass: Don’t tumble
Favourite American Team: College: Louisville Cardinals Allstar: Wildcats or Blink
Favourite Australian Team: East Coast Allstars Phoenix
Favourite International Team: USA or Chinese Taipei

How did you get involved with Cheerleading?

One day I woke up late for my tafe course and didn’t pack my lunch, one of the girls in my class had been nagging me for at least 5 years to join.  She offered to pay for my lunch if I came to the next practice, which I did and really enjoyed it and got me to where I am now.

What do you love the most about Cheerleading?

Stunting is the main reason I do cheer I love stunting so so so so much! I also really enjoy the social side of cheer, I have never been surrounded by such amazing people.

What do you like to do outside of Cheerleading?

Outside of cheerleading I enjoy DJing and producing music, as well as just hanging out with all my friends from cheer.

What have you learnt from being a cheerleader and how has in changed you into the person you are today?

Cheerleading has taught me that if you really want something and put your mind to it and give 100% you can achieve it!

You went to Worlds this year tell us some of your favourite memories from the trip.

Worlds this year was also my first trip outside of Australia! It was the most amazing experience of my life to date. Travelling with all of Eagles and Ladybirds to California, Kentucky and Florida was amazing. Competing at the Encore Championships in California was my first competition with ECA so I will never forget that.  We trained at California Allstars In San Marcos the week prior to the Encore Competition and met some of the amazing athletes from Cali Coed and Lady Bullets.

We saw you also visited Gym Tyme All Stars in Kentucky tell us about your experience there.

Gymtyme was such a surreal experience for me, I have always wanted to be on one of their teams and to be training at that gym was unreal even though we were training from 9pm til 1 am.  The couple of nights we were there we got to train with Gymtyme Blink, Gymtyme Golden Girls (World Champions 2015) and Gymtyme Chrome (World Champions 2015).  The facilities at Gymtyme are amazing! I would really like to go back and visit their one day or maybe even try out for a team there!

Did you get a chance to meet some your favourite athletes at Worlds?

Yes! There were so many athletes that I wanted to meet at worlds and I got to meet quite a few of them.  Majority of people at Worlds are so friendly and always willing to chat especially if you’re from Australia! Americans love Australians.

How different was the preparation for Worlds than for a Nationals competition?

Worlds Prep was very full on! Training were so hard and we were training more often.  A couple of weeks before we left Eagles and Ladybirds were training at the same times, the atmosphere inside the gym during those trainings was amazing, constantly pushing each other and cheering each other on.

What is some advice you have for guys who might want to join cheerleading?

Honestly the only advice I would give you is to not worry about what others think of it.  I honestly wish I had started Cheerleading earlier than I did.  It is like no other sport I have participated in before.  If anyone pays you out about being a cheerleader tell them to lift a girl above their head on one arm then talk to you about it.

What advice would you give someone hoping to make a Worlds team?

If you are 100% committed to being a worlds team then you will get there!  Every training you need to be pushing yourself, train as much as you can.  Never give up on your dream and eventually you will get there!
ACC would like to thank Ethan for his time interviewing with us, good luck this season with your team

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