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Name: Jared Rondeau
Age: 29
Gym/Club/Company: Cheer Factor All Stars

Fast Facts

Music: Acoustic Covers
Song: Cherry Wine- Hozier
Band: Zac Brown Band
Movie: The Greatest Showman
Colour: Green
TV Show: Game Of Thrones
Food: Mexican
Book: Sword of Truth Series

5 Things We Don’t Know About Jared

1: I have an Italian Greyhound named Jasper
2: World Champion Team Canada Level 5
3: I love to surf
4: I played ice Hockey, Football, and Lacrosse
5: love to travel and explore new cultures


How did you get involved with cheerleading?

I started in year 10 when i could no longer play football because of scheduling clashes, fell in love with the team sport, the new friends, and the travel opportunities it gave me.

How to you feel about officially becoming part of the BIO Legacy? How did this opportunity come about?

It was such an honor to get to be a part of such an amazing brand, and i am truly grateful for the opportunity. It was a whirlwind of excitement and hard work. We got scouted by the casting director who was looking for international cheerleaders based outside the USA who were not currently competing. I had made strong connections from my time with team Canada  who were able to recommend myself and my partner for the film.

Have you got some tips to auditioning?

Dress for the role you are auditioning for, be yourself, and relax!!

Tell us about your normal filming day?

A Normal film day would be waking up at 6 am under the shadow of Table Mountain, then get to set and have brekky with the crew, 12-15 hours of shooting, Lots of playing cards while we wait for set up, Run around like crazy, Do your routine about 50 times from all different angles, go home and eat, then off to the gym to stay fit, and off to bed to repeat for the next 6 days.


What did you find challenging during production?

The hardest part was learning movie time haha, being able to sit and wait for hours while they set up the right shot then going straight into full outs about 50 times.

Did you get to meet other cheerleaders from around the world and learn new skills?

We got to meet and make friends from all over the globe including; Africa, England, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

Why do you think Cheerleaders will love this movie?

We love the playful sillyness and the funny stereotypes that come along with being a cheerleader, as well as the opportunity for the audience to have a glimpse into the crazy and dynamic world of Cheer.

The ACC Team would like to thank Jared for taking the time to chat with us, make sure you check out Bring it On Six out now!

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