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We had the opportunity to chat with Nicholas Coupland from Limitless Cheerleading and Tumbling, a new cheerleading company in Queensland. He tells us about his experiences as an athlete and coach.


Name: Nicholas Coupland
Age: 29
Gym/Club/Company: Limitless Cheerleading and Tumbling
Years Cheerleading: 13 years


Favourite Jump: Pike
Favourite Stunt: Dual based Doubleups
Favourite Tumble Pass: Roundoff Whip Double
Favourite American Team: Pacific Coast Magic – Resurrection IOC6
Favourite Australian Team: Ausfunk J2
Favourite International Team: Norway Viqueens IAG6

Nicholas, How did you get started with Cheerleading?

I was part of an Acrobatic performance team and a power tumbler around 2002. The gym I was associated with heard Gymnastics Australia was holding the first cheerleading competition in Queensland and possibly Australia. Back then the rules were very loose and there wasn’t any age divisions or levels. The competition was pretty much a free for all and was open to gyms and schools. The team I started with was called Acrobatic Fanatics Hornets. Then in 2006, my sister Jane, started Brisbane Tigers and I competed level 5 with them for over 6 years.


What were the highlights of your career as a Level 5 athlete?

  • Competing with Brisbane tigers internationally in both America and New Zealand
  • Performing on Australia’s got talent with Zoo Allstars
  • Winning multiple National, State and International Championships

What has been some of the challenges?

Back when I started cheer we didn’t have the resources available to learn correct stunting technique, it was all trial and error. This made learning new stunts a longer process. We didn’t have access to sprung floors and there was no Youtube at the time to just quickly look up stunting videos. Our team would only train once a week and finding people to join could be very difficult. Educating the general public about competitive cheerleading and breaking down the stigma that it’s only for females has always been a challenging task and still is to this day.

What do you love most about Cheerleading?

I love the fact that cheerleading allows you to put your own creative flare on skills where in Power tumbling and sports acrobatics they can be very structured and unoriginal. Cheerleading has introduced me to my fiancé and best friends and for that I will be forever grateful to the sport.

Zoo Allstars

Tell us about your coaching

I started coaching gymnastics when I was 15 and I have been coaching cheerleading on and off for the past 7 years. I own and have coached and run workshops with Zoo Athletics, Spirit Elite Allstars, FAD Bayside, Ausfunk and a few other gyms. Over the years I have been asked to coach at numerous Cheerleading gyms throughout Queensland. In 2014 I coached Tumbling at FAD bayside and in the second half of the year assisted with FAD Allstars. This year, since returning from living in London I have joined the coaching staff at Zoo Athletics.

What advice can you give to Aussie cheerleaders?

Don’t rush when learning new skills. Take appropriate progressional steps that will lead to better outcomes. Bad technique will limit your potential as an athlete. As a tumble coach I spend a lot of my time correcting technique that should of been taught from day one. Breaking bad habits is time consuming so an athlete is much better off learning a new skill correctly the first time. It is also important for athletes to understand that everyone progresses at different rates, so don’t become disheartened if that new skill is taking longer that first expected.


Image: Brisbane Tigers 2006

Tell us more about Limitless Cheerleading and Tumbling?

Limitless Cheerleading and Tumbling is a cheerleading startup that will compete as a level 5 stunt group in the 2016 season. We are a small group of 3 members with over 22 years combined experience in the cheerleading industry. Our goal for the 2016 season is to promote good sportsmanship, spread our knowledge of cheerleading and have a successful competition season.

In what direction do you think Limitless Cheerleading and Tumbling will be heading in the future?

Our ultimate goal is to one day open our own facility. If this happened our cheerleading gym would have a huge focus on tumbling.

Nationals 2003

Image: Cheerleading Nationals 2003

The ACC Team would like to thank Nicholas for taking the time to chat with us, we wish the Limitless Cheerleading and Tumbling the best of luck!

If you would like to find out more out Limitless visit there website

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