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Aussie Cheer Channel had the chance to get to know Worlds competitor and 2013 National Champion Nick Daskalovski from East Coast All Stars.


Name: Nicholas Daskalovski
Age: 18
Gym/Club/Company: East Coast All Stars
Team: Eagles level 5 and Phoenix level 4
Years Cheerleading: 5 years

Fast Facts

Favourite Food: Any food really haha
Favourite Movie: It’s between the goonies and all the bring it on movies
Favourite Book: Don’t really read books haha
Favourite Band/Artist: Beyoncé
Favourite Tv Show: Heroes

How did you get started with cheerleading?

I started cheerleading with my school cheer team St Puis.

What do you love the most about cheerleading?

I love that it’s ever changing. Every year new rules and regulations come out which make us test our knowledge to make amazing routines. I also love performing.

Where has cheerleading taken you in your life?

Cheer has taken me to a lot of places that I have never been before such as America.

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What have you learnt from being a cheerleader and how has it moulded you into the person you are today?

It has made me be more accepting of people, not judging before knowing them and it has helped me to never give up.

Congratulations on your win at nationals last year, what can we expect from Eagles this year?

Well eagles has a lot of surprises with our routine this year, but I will not know until we start competing cause every year is different. You will have to wait and see.

Tell us about your experience at worlds.

It was my first time and I was scared that I would mess up everything that I had been training in the gym. When we first landed in America we went to Daytona to compete on the fashion bandshell which had the same amount of people as our AASCF nationals just at this little end of season competition. Seeing the other teams that unfortunately don’t get to go to worlds due to money problems made me appreciate the amazing standard that Australia is at now. Moving along with the trip we had many hours of hard training, with training up to three times a day and we had  finally made it to Disney worlds one of the best times of my life. When I first went into my room I almost started crying because everything was how I imagined it. Going to the All Star resort and see all the teams putting in those last hours of training before they compete at worlds is a site to see. It is honestly jaws dropping. Walking into each comp room with the same amount of spectators as a AASCF Nationals is insane, so many cheerleaders in one room. Worlds is a thing that you have to  experience in your own way cause your experience is going to be different to the person next to. AASCF Nationals are so much fun, but to compare these two comps with the amount of cheerleaders that attend you would have to times the feeling by two and you still wouldn’t be close haha. People from all round the world competing for the same love is an amazing feel that can’t be explained.

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Are the Eagles going to compete at Worlds again?

Yeah we will, we are going next year and I’m very excited.

How different was the preparation for worlds than for nationals?

It’s just really more conditioning so we are fit enough and and can be prepared in such a short amount of time. Because worlds is at the start or our season we have our routine for 3 mouths while American teams have had theirs for a year, it makes you a bit worried that we might not be ready for the comp.

What is the best advice you’ve received to make you the person you are today?

Never give up always push to be the best and to not care what people think of you because they are most likely jealous of what you have.

Where do you see yourself in Five years?

I see myself competing America with either Black Smack or Wild Cats, that would be my dream.

Who’s the most inspirational person in your life?

Well there is more than one inspirational person in my life. The first is my mum because she always did what ever she could to put me through my sports e.g. dancing and cheer. She always would put me first which I’m very grateful for. The second is Dez (Derrick Turner) as he has taught me everything I know about cheer.

ACC would like to thank Nick for taking the time to interview with us, we wish him and his teams the best of luck this season.

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