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We had the opportunity to chat with Nick Elliot from Outlaws All Stars, We went to Worlds this year and competed with the Fugitives (IOC6). He tells us about his experience as a coach for Outlaws and his trip to Worlds.


Name: Nick Elliott
Age: 21
Team: Outlaws Allstars Notorious IOC5
Gym/Club/Company: Outlaws Allstars Years
Cheerleading: 5


Favourite Jump:  Pike
Favourite Stunt:  Front Handspring Half ups
Favourite Tumble Pass: Punch Front through to layout
Favourite American Team: Top Gun OO5
Favourite Australian Team: Outlaws Allstars Notorious
Favourite International Team: Bangkok University


How long have you been cheerleading for and where did it all start for you?

I started cheerleading at high school in 2011 after becoming obsessed with bring it on. All my friends were on the team. Practice soon became my favourite time of the week!

Tell us about the team you are currently on and what your position is on that team?

I am currently on Outlaws Allstars Notorious IOC5 and C4 open coed 4

Do you coach, what teams do you coach?

I coach four teams, outlaws Allstars Legends Open 1, Rebels Jr 2, Rogues Jr 3 and Ricochets parents open level 1.


Tell us about some of the things you can only experience as a coach

I have really gotten to know how different kids work so differently to each other. Some can be bouncing of the walls then all of a sudden be able to snap out of there craziness and start to work. Others stand still and listen quietly then turn it on for when the music starts.

What advice would you give to an athlete wanting to become a coach?

It’s hard work. It takes a certain person to really be an amazing coach. You need to want your kids to succeed and strive to shaping them into the best athlete they can be so that they can fulfill there own personal hopes and dreams that they have. They have the dreams. YOU get them there. How far they go Obviously depends on there own personal motivation and want to succeed.

You went to Worlds this year with the Fugitives (IOC6), what were some of the most memorable moments from your trip?

Meeting some incredible people over there and really bonding with the people on my team. I would not trade anything. I believe everything happens for reason. Talk about the emotions you go through while waiting to go on the floor, and what did you do to keep your composure. Woah. It was a roller coaster ride. You have to find the mental barriers. Break them. Then keep pushing. Because you are about to get on that floor and all the hard work and dedication that you have put into this routine is about finally all have a reason. I thought about how far I had come and what I had given up to be there. There was no option I was getting on that floor and giving it everything.


We saw you visited Cheer Athletes in Dallas Texas, what was that like?

OVERWHELMING. The way they mark there routines in practice gives just as much energy as if they were going full out on the worlds floor. AMAZING.

It must be very inspiring to be around the worlds best cheerleaders, what did you learn from your trip to Worlds?

That you can do anything you put you mind to. If you really truly want it enough you will find a way to get it.

What advice would you give to an athletes wanting to go to Worlds?

Find out why you are wanting to go. Once you do let it be your motivation. Because when the going gets tough and you are up to what feels like your millionth full out at practice you are going to need something to hold onto.


The ACC team would like to thank Nick for taking the time to interview with us, we’d like to wish him and Outlaws all the best this season.

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