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To become a top cheerleader, one of the easiest things to do is set yourself goals. Write 5 goals you want to achieve over 3 months and put them somewhere you will see them everyday, whether it’s on your wall, on your mirror or at the gym. Ask your coach if they can set a wall aside where you and your team mates can stick your goals.

Every 3 months revisit these goals, tick off what you have achieved, think about and discuss the goals you haven’t achieved. Make your goals big and aim high but at the same time, make sure they are achievable – don’t set yourself up to fail.

The key to achieving your goals is to put every ounce of effort and time you have into them. Don’t make excuses and don’t leave it up to others to do it for you, take it upon yourself to achieve them. If you don’t achieve one of your goals do not treat it as a failure but treat it as a stepping stone on your path to success. For the goals you haven’t achieved take the time to talk about it with your coach. When talking about them, don’t use excuses for not achieving your goals. As soon as you use an excuse as the reason for not achieving, you have acknowledged you have failed. Instead, come up with the reasons you have not achieved, ask yourself “did I put as much effort in as I could of?” “Did I believe I could do it?” Once you have answered these questions talk to your coach about a plan of how you are going to achieve these goals over the next 3 months.
You should remember “don’t cry to quit but cry to keep going”.

Throughout your life you will have moments when you will question if you can truly achieve something, you will come up with excuse after excuse, whether it’s from an injury, a pain, being tired or it’s just too hard. Excuses like these are the sole reason for your failure to achieve your goals. Once you have started working towards a goal don’t stop until you have achieved it. You have already started to invest your time, sweat and tears into it so why quit without any reward? Why even start it if you had no intention to achieve it? Being able to push through and beyond these moments of self doubt will cause you to be successful in achieving your goals.

There is also lot of truth behind the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” very few people will ever achieve something the first time they try it, your ability to keep trying until you achieve what you set out to achieve will determine what you can achieve.

This article was provided by Daniel Dunn from Next Level Cheer. Next Level Cheer offers a wide variety of skill clinics and choreography services for more information please email

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