Slippery Hands

Are you like me and get really nervous before competition? Well unfortunately for most people this leads to sweaty palms, and sweaty palms for bases is not a good thing. It can lead to missed stunts or unnecessary wobbles. Over my years of cheerleading however, I have used a few things that will assist with this problem and now I’m passing them on to you.

Now not all things on the list are free but you can get all of them for pretty cheap at your local sport stores, gyms or the internet.

1. Chalk

Powdered or block, it doesn’t matter. Chalk is possibly the best solution for slippery hands. Gymnasts use it all the time and I found out how good it was back in my sports acro days. You can get chalk from most gyms or from suppliers such as Acromat or Action. The only disadvantage with chalk is that it will leave your uniforms with white marks (they come out in the wash) which isn’t great for overall team presentation. Be cautious not to use to much chalk as it could go in your eyes while stunting and could lead to irritation.

2. Strapping Tape

Now this might not help with your slippery palms but it benefit the people you lift with and your flyers. This will prevent slipping when doing Toss to Hands and other Tosses. I recommend using some lining before the strapping tape or shaving your wrists, otherwise expect some pain when pulling it off.

3. Resin

Possibly the hardest item on the list to get hold of, but resin prevents slipping by making your palms a little sticky. This comes in a few different forms, such as a cloth or a small bag (similar looking to a hacky sack) however I have only ever really seen this in America. This is probably not the best solution and is not ideal for cheerleading but will still do the job. Resin bags are used by baseball pitches and this item would be best found on the internet.

4. Your Cheer Shoes

Believe it or not, if you have no other solution, the bottom of your cheer shoes works a treat. By rubbing your palms on the soles of your cheer shoes it will dry your hands significantly. It might not be the most hygienic method but you do always have your cheer shoes at a competition so it is an easy fix.

5. Long Sleeved Uniforms

Once again this isn’t something that will assist you directly with slippery hands but if both the males and females of your team have long sleeve uniforms it make it a lot easier to do Tosses or any other skill that requires your bases and flyers to hold wrists. The uniform will absorb the moisture and will have a good texture that will provide grip.

If you have any other great ideas to help with slippery hands please comment below. ACC is all about creating a community so feel free to voice your ideas.

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Nick Coupland

Nick has been involved in the cheer community for over 10 years and has competed nationally and internationally in a level 5 team. He now coaches in Brisbane and specialises in tumbling and helps run

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  1. Ray Marie says:
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    There are some good solutions for this problem that have surfaced from the pole fitness industry, hand grip lotions and tac’s that either dry your hands or make them sticky.

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