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Athletic Mindset

The difference between winning and losing can often be determined by one’s mind set; not only on the day of competition, but during training as well.
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The Year of You

As we are half way through the year and competitions are fast approaching, I wanted to write about the most important person in the world “YOU”.
Fired Up

Championship Attitude

As competition time draws ever so close, I wanted to talk about a key principle I try to teach every athlete and coach I get to work with. To...
Set to Achieve

Set to Achieve

To become a top cheerleader, one of the easiest things to do is set yourself goals. Write 5 goals you want to achieve over 3 months and put them...

The Journey to Succeed

Every coach would love to know the secret to success, I’m sorry to say, there is no one such secret.
What success really comes down to is the ability for...
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