2018 Cheer Choice Awards nominees

Hey Austars

Australia you have made you choice for the favourites of 2017, with a whooping 2500 Nominations we now put it to the polls!
And its time you decide who are the winners of the 4th Annual Cheer Choice Awards!

The nominees are listed in no particular order, and are chosen based on the most nominations of each category.

Polls: 23rd April – 29th April 8pm (AEST)

The Nominees


Favourite Cheerleader

Caitlyn Daunt, Cheer FX, QLD
Mikayla Tyrrell, Norwood Force, SA
Tarryn Daniel, S2S All Stars, NSW
Mish England, TNT All Stars, WA
Jackson Bailey, Attitude Dance Centre, NSW

Favourite Routine/Team

Revolution, IOSC5, S2S All Stars, NSW
Flawless, 5 senior, QCE, QLD
Legacy, IOC6, SCC, VIC
Weapons, O5, Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA
Southern Tigers, OC5, ZSA, QLD

Favourite Cheerleading Coach

Miranda Offield, Cheer FX, QLD
Natalie Docker, Highrise All Star Cheerleading, NSW
Courtney Turton, Oxygen All Stars, NSW
Kerry Richardson, Excite Dance and Cheer, NSW
Rachel Sherwood, Toxic Cheer And Dance, WA

Favourite Cheer and Dance Gym

Cheer FX, QLD
Highrise All Star Cheerleading, NSW
EOD All Stars, NSW
Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA

Favourite Cheer and Dance Merchandise Company

Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation
Cheer Con
Switch Up Essentials
Cheer Mum
DNA Australia

Favourite Cheer and Dance Event Company

Cheer Con
Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation
Aussie Gold
Dance and Cheer Events
Cheer Unlimited Australia

Favourite Cheerleading Shoe Brand

MIA Shoes

Favourite Stunt Sequence

Revolution, S2S All Stars, NSW
Diamonds, QCE, QLD
Nukes, TNT All Stars, WA
Legacy, SCC, VIC
Kelly Girls, Outlaws All Stars, VIC

Favourite Cheerleading Dance Sequence

Orion, Starlets Cheerleading, NSW
Ladybirds, ECA, NSW
Weapons, Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA
Twinkles, ZACS, QLD
Bombshells, TNT All Stars, WA

Favourite Pyramid Sequence

Legacy, SCC, VIC
Revolution, S2S All Stars, NSW
Southern Pride, ZSA, QLD
Black Angels, Zoo Athletics, QLD
Diamonds, QCE, QLD

Favourite Tumble Pass

Meg Darley, Infinity Open Level 4.2, NQ Warriors, QLD
Jackson Corkett, Eagles, ECA, NSW
Shelby Fellows Flawless, QCE, QLD
Shaylan Pegg, Weapons, Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA
Gemma Williams, Ladybirds, ECA, NSW

Favourite 2017 New Uniform

Cheer FX, QLD
Highrise All Star Cheerleading, NSW
S2S All Stars, NSW
inspire Athletics, QLD
TNT All Stars, WA

Favourite Special Ability Team

Lithium, Oxygen All Stars, NSW
Amplify, Ausfunk, QLD
Superstars, Vibe Studios, VIC
So Stars, Stars, SA
Ironheart, Liberty Allstars, NSW

Favourite Assistant Coach

Jackson Bailey, Attitude Dance and Cheer, NSW
Jessica Binion, DreamTyme All Stars, VIC
Shontelle Crooks, Oxygen All Stars, NSW
Bianca Sinclair, Cheer FX, QLD
Ben Callinan, Oxygen All Stars, NSW


Favourite Dancer

Hayley Croese. The Empire. NSW
Zara Bailey Junior Attitude Dance Centre NSW
Emily Whitson, Ultimate Dance Center, QLD
Adysen Forbes, Cheer FX, QLD
Hydee DeLeeuw, Edge Flight All Stars, WA

Favourite Dance Routine/Team

Rebels, The Empire, NSW
Junior Elite, Evolution of Dance, NSW
Rockstars, Open Lyrical, Ultimate Dance Centre, QLD
DreamElite, DreamTyme Dance Academy, VIC
Envy, Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA

Favourite Dance Studio

Evolution of Dance, NSW
Ultimate Dance Centre, QLD
The Empire, NSW
Peppermint Dance Company, WA
Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA

Favourite Dance Coach

Maddy Parker, Cheer FX, QLD
Sarah Conlon, The Empire, NSW
Laura Harris, SM Cheer & Dance, WA
Tarnie Carrig, MCPD, NSW
Jessica Edwards, Ultimate Dance Centre, QLD

Favourite Trick Section

Rockstars, Ultimate, Dance Centre, QLD
Envy, Toxic Cheer and Dance, WA
Rebels, The Empire, NSW
Senior Elite, MCPD, NSW

Favourite Dance Costume

Rockstars, Ultimate Dance Centre, QLD
Tiny Elite, Evolution of Dance NSW
Junior Royals, The Empire, NSW
Mystics, Pacific Elite Dance, VIC
Youth Company Lyrical, MCPD, NSW

Favourite Costume Brand/Company

Stage Ready Dance Creations
Weismann Costumes
Studio 7 Dancewear

Congratulations to all nominees, Polls will be live for voting tomorrow!


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