2018 Worlds

Hey Austars

Theres only a week to go before Worlds!!

If you want to watch Worlds make sure to head to Flo Cheer and sign up for an account. A few years ago you needed a VPN (which is a fancy way of tricking the system to believing you are in the USA) but you don’t need them anymore. YAY!

The ICU Worlds is streamed for free through their website, but once its done you will miss out to check it out click HERE

We have made a timetable for you to watch all the teams competing
For the Cheer and Dance Worlds Australia Teams Schedules with East Coast and West Coast Times link below

2018 ACC Cheer & Dance Worlds Schedule

Below is the list of teams competing, ACC wish everyone the best of luck and we will try our best to get photos of all the teams as we will be there!


ACE Dance Studio – Freestyle Pom Duo
SM Cheer and Dance – Argent
Toxic Cheer and Dance – Rachel and Elise – Hip Hop Duo
Hy Fidelity – Supreme Krew
Melbourne Cheer Academy – Phoenix



Outlaws All Stars – Kelly Girls
S2S All Stars – Revolution
TNT All Stars – Nukes
Starlets Cheerleading – Orion
Southern Cross Cheerleading – Legacy
Inspire Athletics – Divinity
Melbourne Cheer Academy – Phoenix
Oxygen All Stars – Immortal


Evolution Of Dance – Junior Elite
NRG All Stars – Wild Fire
NRG All Stars – Elite Empresses
KLD All Stars – Platinum Ice
Ultimate Dance Centre – Rock Stars
Dancers Edge – DE.3
Peppermint Dance Company – ACE
Haileybury Alumni – Imperial
Toxic Cheer & Dance – Envy
Hy Fidelity – Supreme Krew
Bad Girls – Plastics
Endurance Elite – Open Lyrical
MU Heat – Open Pom


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  1. Courtney says:

    Oxygen immortal compete USA time Saturday 3pm for prelims.

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