The 2014 season has started. As we all are working hard on achieving new skills and perfecting old ones, I wanted to start the season off with my one of my favorite four letter words – “W.O.R.K”.

The word “W.O.R.K” is a great tool that you can use for helping you achieve and perfect skills. Next time you find yourself struggling to achieve something, sit down and use the “W.O.R.K” system to see where you may be going wrong.

W – Willingness To Sacrifice: In order to achieve anything you need to be willing to sacrifice. You have to understand the importance of conditioning your body, not only at practice, but at home as well. To do this you may need to sacrifice going out with friends or spending hours on the computer, and instead, using that time to condition and strengthen your body. At training you might need to sacrifice that time you spending talking to your friends in order to get enough repetitions in to help develop your understanding of the skill you are trying to achieve.

O – Owning It: In order to achieve and prefect skills you need to take ownership of it. You need to understand that you have a vital role to play in the success of achieving that skill and not rely on coaches and others to do the work for you. You need to take ownership of your conditioning, attitude, practice and understanding of the skill. Get yourself a note book and each week:

  • Set goals
  • Write down a conditioning program
  • Write a description of the skill you are working on

Writing these things down gives you a great visual aid. By setting goals and making plans it shows you have ownership of what you are trying to achieve.

R – Repetitions: This has to be one of the most important steps to achieve anything. For you to achieve and prefect any skill you need to do at least 20 repetitions of that skill every time you are at practice. The key is to do your repetitions using the proper technique. Doing multiple repetitions with incorrect technique can develop bad habits which will end up affecting your ability to achieve and perfect skills. Always work on perfecting new skills with a coach.

K – Knowledge: Knowledge is essential for creating an understanding of how the body is meant to act during a skill. Acquiring this knowledge can be achieved in 3 different ways. Visual, verbal, or a combination of them both. It is up to you and your coach to find out which method works best for you. Once you have obtained an understanding for what you are trying to achieve your confidence level will rise and your ability to achieve and perfect the skill will be increased.

This article was provided by Daniel Dunn from Next Level Cheer. Next Level Cheer offers a wide variety of skill clinics and choreography services for more information please email nextlevelcheer@mail.com.

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Nick has been involved in the cheer community for over 10 years and has competed nationally and internationally in a level 5 team. He now coaches in Brisbane and specialises in tumbling and helps run tumbleclinics.com.

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